Google ads for dentists

What Words Dentists Should Use In Google Ads To Get Priority In Search Results

Know what the best keywords are for dentists that will get you the most clicks from Google Searches. Please go through the checklist we have prepared so that you can get your business booming again.

Tips For Composing the Desired Google Ads

Find the Perfect Keyword: If you want your dental practice to be found by as many people as possible, you can use the right dental keywords. The most commonly used keywords are phrases like 'dentists near me', 'dental office', and others. You can use it too, but can also think out of the box. The dental office should use less competitive and more profitable keywords.

You can use phrases from sites such as-

  • Google AdWords keyboard planner
  • Google trends
  • Google Suggestions
  1. Schedule your ads to run at the peak time: Google ads will give you full control over when your ads will show to the prospective dental patients. Ad scheduling can help you to make the most out of the Google Ads. The ads will reach the maximum number of prospective customers if you run them during business hours. Through ad scheduling, you can save a lot of money and get more business.
  2. Provide automated dental appointment scheduling: You will earn more if your website contains a direct scheduling option, i.e., the people who use your website can book an appointment directly through the website. You can provide other details like email address, landing pages, to make your site more attractive.
  3. Special offer landing page: A prospective patient is more likely to book your services if they land on a special off-hour page during skimming through your website. It makes them feel special and the limited time offer has the urgency, which requires them to book an appointment immediately to avail the offer.
  4. Use call-only Google Ads- Since more and more people make appointments and look for doctors online with their mobile phones, you can set up a call-only ad. It means that patients can directly call up your office and set up an appointment. You can ideally have a 24x7 person to pick up the call and set up the meeting in a warm and professional tone.
  5. Advertise on Google Maps: Many people look for the clinics near them through Google Maps. You can use it for advertising there and setting up a local presence on there as well as on other websites. Google My Business is an excellent tool in this aspect.


There are plenty of ways to make your clinic run more efficiently and boom with business. In the technological world, there are loads of innovative solutions to advertise your site or practice. Make sure you deliver what you promise. The best advertisement is probably when people speak to others about their excellent dental experience. Hence, try to be honest with your claims. You can use some or all of our tips and find prospective customers online.

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